The 6th Line

Player Review

Elevate your play with one of our Player Review packages. Each package offers one-on-one instruction and personal access to Coach Mottau, a retired NHL player, Hobey Baker award winner and current NHL scout.

The One Timer

The One Timer consists of a one time thorough breakdown of your play. Upload a video with a maximum of 5 shifts. We will have a 30 minute zoom with a shared screen to review your play and give customized coaching to elevate your game.

The Hat Trick

The Hat Trick consists of 3 video reviews, which will allow Coach Mottau to have a better understanding of the player, reinforce instruction and enhance in game decision making.

Driveway Video Review

Driveway Video Review consists of video breakdown of form and technique in shooting, stick handling and passing off ice. Record a drill to be reviewed from 3 different angles and a demonstration video will be returned to you providing customized instruction. Practicing with a purpose and making every rep count is the goal of the one-on-one driveway instruction.