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The 6th Line is an interactive coaching and consulting platform that provides personalized instruction to supplement your development. You will receive expert analysis from Hobey Baker Award winner, former NHL player and current NHL scout, Mike Mottau. This will help maximize your development by identifying areas to work on while improving your strengths. Your personalized consultation will focus on positioning and in-game play to physical skill instruction such as skating, shooting, stick handling as well as mindset, nutrition and functional movements.

Online Programs

Regardless of your age or experience level, whether you play or coach, our programs offer expert analysis and advice from Hobey Baker Award winner, former NHL player and current NHL scout, Mike Mottau.

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What People Are Saying

{||divi||400I played with Mike at Boston College and in the Pros. One of the things that stands out the most to me about Mike is that his "hockey IQ", then and now, is off the charts. His smarts, puck skills and positional play always had him in the right spot at the right time. Another aspect of his game that goes under the radar is the fact that he played both the PP D man role and then later on a PK shut down role in the NHL. Not many players are capable of doing that and I think it gives him a unique view of the game as a teacher and scout. From the outside people might look at his career and think he was gifted and had it easy, but I'll tell he worked harder than anyone.
Brendan Buckley
Former Teammate, Asst. Coach Boston College Men’s Hockey
{||divi||400I have known Mike and Courtney for over thirty years and was thrilled to hear that they have started The 6th Line. The 6th Line will be a perfect platform from a family with a wealth of hockey experience to help others. The opportunity to tap into the Mottau’s first hand experience should not be overlooked when thinking of your own development as a player or coach.
Steve Greeley
Assistant General Manager, Buffalo Sabres
{||divi||400Mike has been coaching my son for over six years. His knowledge of the game and his ability to pass that knowledge along to his players is unparalleled. Mike focuses on concepts and skills that allow his players to develop and succeed both physically and mentally. Mike’s passion for the game and desire to make his players better is infectious.  Players of all ages truly enjoy working with Mike and learning from him whether it’s in practice, on the bench during a game, or through one-on-one conversations outside the rink. The 6th Line is the perfect platform for Mike to share his advanced hockey IQ and experience with players who have a desire to get better in all facets of the game.
Mike Bonner
Parent, High School Player
{||divi||400What I continue to get out of my sessions with Mike Mottau are skills in situational training that I can carry over to real game. He has a way of breaking things down that I would’ve never realized myself. It’s the little things that he teaches me that add up to a much better outcome. I can’t tell you how many times I’m in a game and think to myself, “Oh, Mike taught me that."
Kiley Erickson
Student/Athlete, 2019-2020 Patriot Ledger Girls Hockey All-Scholastic Team
{||divi||400We started working with Coach Mottau five years ago and he has taught my son everything from defensive gap control to correctly walking the blue line in the offensive zone. His attention to detail in everything he teaches is amazing. This along with his knowledge of what it takes to be successful at every level is what separates him from others. Coach Mottau took my son, who was an undersized defenseman, and turned him into a state champion! He was the only freshman on his varsity high school hockey team that recently won the Massachusetts State Championship.
Kevin Richards
Parent, High School Player